To be able to use the search server together with the DataEase server behind a IIS server, we have to add rewrite rules to blend it into the site used by the server. 

To do this you have to make an inbound and an outbound rule.

Inbound rule

Add rule from Inbound rules and select "Blank rule".

Name the rule something that fits the purpose with suffix Inbound. Ex SearchInbound. In this example we set up a reverse proxy on incoming /search/* to the root at another server. In this example this server responds to and it should have whatever comes after /search/ in the site.

Under Match:
Pattern: search/(.*)
Let conditions be as default.
Append querystring yes
Stop processing of subsequent rule set to true

Move this rule up over the general reverse proxy that will take any request.

Outbound rule:

Add rule and select Blank rule from Outbound rules.

Name it something that says what it does and add suffix OutBound. Ex SearchOutbound. In this example we want to just rewirte the url to the domain server with /search/ as the path. Ex



Matching scope:
Match content within:
Not needed for me but will usually be A, Form, Img
Content: Using:
Matches the Pattern RegEx
Pattern: ^http(s)?://*)
Action Properties

To do the search after this setup, use in your browser. The result comes back as json.