This will give you access to connect to prism and and the application. Application at this level are called the repostiory as you only get access to the data part of the application. 

PRISMERRORMESSAGES None This is just a map of all error messages that can be returned from PRISM with a description.
Ex. PRISMERRORMESSAGES[105] will return a invalid license message to you
initprism9(apppath=None) Bool
This is that startup code for prism. It will automatically be done when you connect to a repository, but if you want to have prism support files in a separate folder, you must maually use this function and supply that directory as a parameter.
getprism Prism This will return a instance of your prism session. You only have one of these after startup and it will be created automatically for you if you open a repository.

Open a connection to a DataEase application (called repository by the library). It will either return a valid prism repository or raise an error with the error message given.
uninitprism9 None

To use it you will need to load the library and initiate connection to you application. This is how.

from debdata3 import getrepo, uninitprism9

    repo = getrepo("C:\\Users\\me\\Documents\\DG3Apps4\\MyApp\\Data", "DG3 Books")
    print("Repository is open")
    tlist = repo.tablelist()
    for t in tlist:
except Exception as e:

Example connecting to an application and listing all normal tables.