The button element show a button with a text, icon or text and icon. It can be used to call an action. The format is:

   'type' : 'button',
   'text' : 'Next',
   'icon': 'icon:nextbutton.png',
   'maxwidth' : 30,
   'action' : '',

Inherits all settings from guiobject, but have the following unique settings.

'checkable' To set that the button can be used for showing states.
'default' Set to true if this is the default action on the form/dialog. Enter on a dialog will call this button.
'flat' To use flat look buttons, set to True.
'icon' Path to icon to show. Can use "icon:iconname.png" to indicate the Img\Icons in application path.
'text' The button text.
'action' The action to call. Takes standard action form with "@context.action(param)" format.

Can be used anywhere a guiobject can be added.