Character set handling in server

The server have settings in RDRRxAAA.ini for the character set used in prism (default is ISO-8859-1 aka latin1) and UTF-8 for all server and json. We use a routine in DEB_Repo to do all conversion using one buffer that grows as needed. This means that all routines needs to copy this value or use it at once. You can never expect to find the same value in the pointers memory location over time. This mean if you need to values sent to a function, you need to translate and copy the first before sending it to the function.

The field names and table names with space and extended characters

To be able to use the fields in json on livetext, you can not have space or invalid characters in field names and table names. Now we creates an escname for all fileds in DEB_FieldDef. These are the ones used to exchange data from maindata and listdata calls to the server.