You can write your own authentication module for use instead of the default. To do this you need to add two settings to your apps rdrrxaaa.ini file under the correct server settings [Server] for live server and [DevServer] for the development server.

UseExternalLogin Used to turn on or of the custom authentication module. Default is 0. 0=Off and 1=On
ExternalLoginCode The id of the code used for testing if you are authenticated. The code name is a dql written into the WebServer table with id the same as this name.

The external authentication is used for SSO where another application have done the login and this one checks who you are. The code set it's results to a Remote session set active by the authentication module before the code is called and restored after.

The values read from Remote are

isloggedin value must be yes to be logged in
username username can be anything but is what is reported back to the session
level the level the user get


define temp "Dummy" text 255 .
Dummy := Remote("isloggedin=yes") .
Dummy := Remote("username=benny") .
Dummy := Remote("level=Medium1") .

A dql that always returnes logged in