The DateEase server comes in many variants, and this book will try to cover them all. This means that not every document is relevant to all server types, but all server has the same build up and shares a lot of components and methods. Under is a list of the different types of servers. 

If you just want to use your development server, just start it in your catalog and skip direct to chapter 2.

LegEasy Connect

This server is a way to access data from LegEasy4DOS and LegEasy 6.53. It gives you the ability to browse data and run DQLs.

DataEase Development Server

This is the server that comes with DateEase 9. It is meant as a companion to the DataEase client software and as a way of running and testing the web on top of DataEase applications. It is a single user server that let you test your web applications. It default start up with a user logged in with a user named Developer with High as security to let you experience all you can do on a server without limitations. The only limitations on this server compared to a proper server is that you are limited to just w few sessions.

DataEase server

This is a multi user server that will serve pages and DQLs defined in a DataEase application. It is meant to be deployed standalone or behind another web server.

DataEase run

A way to start and run a DQL from command line. This can be used to run sceduled dqls by using Windows scheduler.

DataEase scheduler

This is a DataEase server that will run timed operations for a DataEase application by defining tasks in a table.