Used by native DataEase server. The current status is in use in LegEasyConnect and DEDevServer. This is how to compile using VS2017.


Version 1.34.1

License MIT

This is what we have to do to add a new version o server

Open vs2017 "x86 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019" with python 2.7 or newer in the path
git clone build/gyp
python -Dhost_arch=ia32 -Dtarget_arch=ia32

you can now build by opening uv.sln in vs2019 but we usually don't.

Copy all files except the git and build directory over the files in the libuv catalog with the new ones
Retraget libuv from Visual Studio 2017 to Windows SDK Version 10.0 (latest installed version) and Platform Toolset Upgrade to v142
Output Directory: $(SolutionDir)..\sys\full\$(Configuration)\
Intermediate Directory: $(SolutionDir)..\sys\full\obj\$(Configuration)\$(ProjectName)\
Preferred Build Tool Architecture Default
Character Set Use Multi-Byte Character Set

C/C++ Code Generation
Runtime Library Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd)/Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)

Librarian General:
Change Output File to $(OutDir)$(ProjectName)$(TargetExt)

svn rename the version file to version-1.34.1.txt