To delete one record, you must have right to the data and use the maindata url to update them using a HTTP DELETE command. The format of the url is; /maindata/tablename/recno/?dataeasequery&field1=val1&field2=val2 etc.

/maindata/ tells the server to delete one record of the selected table.

/tablename/ tells what table delete in.

/recno/ tells the record to delete based on the query.

The query format is the same as for any other query in server. The first part between ? and the first & is a query as your write it in DataEase. This mean you can write a Name="A*" to get all records with a text field starting on A. You can also use all other operators like AND, OR, BETWEEN, >, >=, <, <=, =, not = etc. So if you want a record where Name starts on A and regdate is between to dates your write "Name="A*" AND regdate between 10/10/20 to 12/10/20". If you want to get the results in acending or decending order based on a field, you add this as "&regdate=in order".

Ex. /maindata/Address/0/?Name="A*" AND regdate between 10/10/20 to 12/10/20&regdate=in order&jsonpretty=1

This query will delete the first record matching Name="A*" and reg date between the 10/10/20 and 12/10/20 in ascending order on regdate is formatted json.

	'result' : 'ok/error',
	'recno': '0', // the record no given in the url
	'error' : 'the error message if the delete went wrong'

The return value from the DELETE is recordno and result ok or error. If error it will also contain an error message.