Used to run a script from the server and return the output form the script back to the caller.. Any errors are returned as json data. Data coming back are checked for [ or { in start and then deemed json or html.

To call use /run/script/scriptname

The script name is the name it is defined as in WebServer table. The type should be Script, name should be unique and security can be set to any lever you want the be able to run this script.

The script is defined in the body of the document in ini file format KEY=VALUE one each line.

The executable to be called. You can use LiveText in the value to manipulate the command.
One arg to be added to arguments sent as a string. It will be read in the order set in body. It will then put together the args manually by seperating with space between. It will be looking for -, / or " to just add the value or if none, check for space in arg and add "aroundval". You can use LiveText to manipulate the arg.
All arguments in the exact format it will be sent to the subprocess command. It supports LiveText to take any before script run data like [{}] that will take the name in ?&name=value

ARGS="E:\Projects\DENext\DataEase4Web\DEDeploy\" "C:\ProgramData\ds2imply\localappsettings\[{}].json"

Example that call a python script the will do a diff on a application. The name of the application is read from query parameter name=