Updates data on server for one record or many records selected by the url with the given data.


- url : url to resource to update, /maindata for one record and /listdata for many

- indata : json data to be used for updating data on server, format decided by url used

- success : function called when successful update finished

- failure : function called when failed update finished

- customupdate : tell if only supplied function should do update to form or if the default form handler should be called as well

	// Your handing here

The custom function for success and failure have the same format

    if (jdata.result=='ok'){
        // do my own handling here for data successfully updated

Update a record already read by getdata and stored in deconnect.recorddata in the WebServer table

var rec = {
  "Name" : "My Name",
  "Address" : "My street 123",
  "Address2" : "The hill"

If you create your own json to send, just make a object with field name as key and value as the value. Example over is a name and some address fields to send as rec.