Run a named dql on the server. If the dql do not have any .security setting, it can only be run by High user.


- name : the name of the dql either in WebServer table, $$DQLStore$$, file in app or in static folder as a page. When in $$DQLStore$$ or in file in app it use same format as for running in DfW (@name, #number or *:name.dql). If we have a *:name it will only look in dqls folder in the app dir. The other DfW folders might come later.

- dataentry : is a object with all the data-entry values to send to the dql as key value pairs

- success : is the function to run if all is ok, if null do default handling

- failure : is the function to run on failure, if null do default handling

- dodefault: also run default handling after doing your custom functions if true

Example of how to set up and run a dql