Create a new data in the table given by the url


- url : the url  used to send data to the server using post, use /maindata for one record and /listrecord form many

- indata : the input data to be used for creating new record or records based on the url used for posting the data

- success : function to call on success, if none do default handling

- failure : function to call on failure, if none do default handling

- customupdate : do no default handling if false

// do your code for success or failure here

Function definition for success and failure are the same

var rec = {
    'Code' : '<!DOCTYPE html><html><header><title>Hello</title></header><body><p>Hello world</p></body></html>',
    'Name' : 'Hello world',
    'Type' : 'Page'
    if (jdata.result=='ok'){
	// do your manual update code here

Create a new record in WebServer based on the data you have stored in rec