This function cache the form def for a table to deconnect.formdefs.tablename.recdefs based on settings in the html document. Should not be called before we have got tdfs read from the server as it used the information form the tdf to determine how to set and get the fields.


- tname : the table name to get

- telm : the element to query for definitions

- suffix : the value used for subforms

return the recdef

Format of recdefs returned

The returned data from the function is a recdef. This is a object where each key is the same as the id on the element defined. Each object will have at least idname and fieldname defined. If it is a live element it will also have type : 'live' and live key defined. If no id is defined for the element, a live tag will take the live name. The data type read is text unless a datatype key is set. That tell you how to expect data in and how to set data to record when saving.

  "Name" : {"idname" : "Name", "mapidto" : "Name"},
  "ID" : {"idname" : null, "fieldname": "ID", "type" : "live", "live" : "ID"},
  "People" : {"idname" : "People" : "fieldname" : "NumPeople", "datatype" : "int"},
  "TotSale" : {"idname" : "TotSale" : "fieldname" : "TotalSale", "datatype" : "float"},
  "WantSpam" : {"idname" : "WantSpam", "fieldname" : "WantSpam", "datatype" : "bool"}

Ex. of recdef