Get a data from server using the given url. You can use this to get one record using /maindata or multiple records using /listdata


- url : the url to use to get data

- success : function to call on successful fetch form the server

- failure : function to call on failure to fetch from server

- cutomupdate : if true we no not call the default handling

// do your code for success or failure here

Function definition for success and failure are the same

    if (jdata.result=='ok' && jdata.listdata.length>0) {
        var newhtml='';
        for (var idx=0;idx<jdata.listdata.length;idx++){
            var rec=jdata.listdata[idx];
            newhtml += '<div class="naviteml2"><a href=\'/editor/templateeditor.html?ID="' + rec.ID + '"\'>' + rec.Name + '</a></div>\n';

Example of getting data from WebServer table and updating a menu without using default handling