This is a object where each call to the server for reading tdf etc. is stored. The format is as it comes from server and the key is the table name. To be available, it needs to be fetched using gettdf or that a data-tablename= is defined in the html document. If you have a form defined in your html, the form is parsed by getrecorddef and saved under the formdefs tname object as recdefs.

Recdef format

fieldname The name you find in mapidto and should be the field name as defined in the tdf. This will be used if it set instead of the id
idname The id defined on the element. Must be unique. In multiline it will have _idx after each and then the mapidto is used for field name
live This is the live tag used for element.
type live or field. This has no mapping in html, but live is set if you have a data-live setting 

The recdef format

var tdf = deconnect.formdefs['Address']; // this should be an object containing security settings and fdef
var fdef = tdf.fdef; // this should be a array for field definitions

To get a tdf  and field defs for Address