Internal storage of where we are in the different tables that is used in the form definitons defined by html. We also caches a list of fields and mapping after parsing the definitions done by forminit. Each table defined by a data-tablename will have a own object with table name as key.

Elements in a named form

currentendrecno multi -1 until something is read
currentrecno single -1 until something is read or new record, other value is the row position in the query defined in the form table
currentrowsreturned multi Start as 0, then when a result is read from the server the total count returned is set in this
currentstartrecno multi -startrecord until something is read. Basically check for negative value and if not we have read data.
recordcount what comes back from server after a newdata call, ut should be the result of how many records fit the query used and then use this as currentrecno after save is done

You should always check if the data is there before trying to read it by using 'elm' in deconnect.formdata[tname]