- funcwhendone a function to call when the information is returned. A default implementation is called if none is supplied.

Gets all the commands, functions, operators and tables from the application. You can supply your own function that updates your gui. The definition shoud be function(jdata) where jdata is an object with all the information in the server format for /definition/listinternals/.

The default function called when data returned

    _this.commands = jdata.commands;
    _this.functions = jdata.functions;
    _this.operators = jdata.operators;
    _this.tables = jdata.tables;
    _this.addlisttoelement(_this.commandlistname,_this.commands,' command');
    _this.addlisttoelement(_this.functionlistname,_this.functions,' function');
    _this.addlisttoelement(_this.operatorlistname,_this.operators,' operator');
    _this.addlisttoelement(_this.tablelistname,_this.tables,' table');

The function called by default