- filepath the relative path to the file (in DfW we will add /static in front of the path to get the same results as on the server)

- funcwhendone the function called when done reading the file data. Default is to call updatedqleditorwithcode the add the data to id="dqlcontent". The definition of funcwhendone is function(code,url).

Load the file in filepath and call the method used for adding it to the editor area. The relative path to the file is stored in dec.url and the content is added to dec.dqlcode.

Typical url for loading a DQL would be: /DSEditors/DQLEdit.html?&file=/MyDQLs/test.dql and this would translate to load the test.dql from the \\static\\MyDQLs folder inside the app catalog.

How load a file is done in dql editor

// check to see if we have a file in the query string and then use that to load the file
var query = window.location.search;
if (query.length>0) {
  var params = dec.decodequery(query);
  var url=params.file;
  if (url)

// default function used to load the code
    var elm=$("#dqlcontent");

Default behavior in DQLEditor