The DataEase commons (decommon.js) is a bridge between DataEase for Windows and the DataEase server. This library together with a loader library will make you able to build webpages that will work the same from the DfW client and the server. It will give you a object with several methods to call the either do the server way or the DS way of getting and setting data. The format of the json is the same for both since they share the generators making the data from prism.

The main difference between server and DfW is the file layout and that the server is asynchronous while the DfW is synchronous. This means that to be able to make the server and client work the same, we have to simulate the async behavior from the server in the DfW client. This means that you as in a server situation can't rely on the call order when getting information, but rather add a callback to any function that request information and let that function be called when the information is fetched.