The Prism class defined in denode must always be created first. This starts and stops the prism internal engine. There can only be one prism object created in each project, 

boolean Close down prism.
prisminit boolean Initialize prism
setprismpath undefined Set the path where you find the prism support files.

To use

var denode = require('./denode')

var prism = new denode.Prism();
var prismpath = __dirname + '\\denode'
console.log('Path to this denode is: ' + prismpath);
var isinit = prism.prisminit();

if (isinit == true) {
    console.log("Prism init ok");
} else
    console.log("Prism init failed");


Always create prism with new denode.Piism() and then setpath and init. Close when no more need for prism