The MultiView is the work horse of Prism where most of the work is done. There are two modes of MultiView use, one is for create, read, update and delete data in the tables of DataEase. The others is to read, create and modify the table definition. Due to that we will split the listings of function into tree document here in the start. The shared for creating and destroying MultiViews in this, the next for data manipulation and the third for table definitions. Most for the function called return true or false, but if you get a false, you can find the prism error code using getlasterror(). These functions is a thin layer over direct prism calls, but with a little logic to make it easier to use and less error prone.

create boolean Create the multiview. This must be done just after instantiating the object with new MultiView()
- name | name used internally by the multiview
destroy boolean Destroy the multiview. This must be done after end.

These are the common functions used by both MultiView modes.

//... all init and open done to prism and repo
var mv = new denode.MultiView();
//... do your stuff here
//... all deinit and closing to prism and repo done here<br>

The MultiView relies on that bot prism is initialized and the repository is open. This is not shown in the example but can be found in the one for Repo.