This is the class used for executing and testing DQLs based on the old DQL model used by DataEase 8 and 9. The dql have all you need for transactions and also support the new memo type and return of long text, but lack the support for advanced templates that came with server. Instead it has the simple template engine that came with 8.5

create boolean This will create the the multiviews used for running the DQL later. All information needed for dql must be set before calling this function. The multiview will be created with the name given as a paramter.
- name
compile boolean All data-entry and code must be set. This will then set up the dql and compile it. If no errors it will return True, if there are error it will return False and the errocode and pos will be set.
destroy boolean Will clean up the DQL so you can reuse the object for a new or just clear the memory used by it so the Python object get as small as prossible waiting for garbage collecting.
geterrorcode number The error code returned by the compiler
geterrorpos number
The position in the text the compiler stopped on the error
geterrortext null Not implemented
getresult string
Return the result of the run dql and clear it
getscripttext string
Return the text set by a previous setscripttext.
listrecordscolumnnames Array Array of first level Column Names defined for DQL after compiling and the List of Stats at the end
run boolean Run the DQL and return True on success and False on error
boolean Set a data-entry a name given and the value. This will later be used when calling create for the data-entry multiview passed to the dql.
- name | name of data-entry field
- value | the string value to be used by he field
setscripttext boolean Replace the script already in there and reset the compiled status to false