To create a new version of the node api, you need to install node x32 for the version you will build. Prism do not support X64 version of node.

You need to checkout the code from /denode/trunk for the node js library code.

You need DENext for the rest of the CMake files.
You need a DataEase checout for the Prism files to use.

Install install cmake-js by open cmd and go to this folder, then:

npm install -g cmake-js

This will install cmake-js globally. If you already have it installed you can update to latest version by:

npm update -g cmake-js

The next step is to open the CMakeList.txt and update the paths to the different folder where the files are located or add these at the commandline. 

The variables suported are DEPATHTODE for prism, DEPATHTOSERVER for the DEB libraries root and DEPATHTONEXT for the rest of the CMake files needed for this build.

Command to create the solution the first time:

cmake-js configure --arch="ia32" -G="Visual Studio 16 2019" -A="Win32"

Command to recreate the solution

cmake-js reconfigure --arch="ia32" -G="Visual Studio 16 2019" -A="Win32"

After you need to open the solution in VS Studio 2019 from the build folder and named denode.sln

Switch to release version and build.

Take all files in Release folder except .lib, .pdb and .exp files and add them to a denode folder and zip it. This is your new install for use in new projects.

We will find a better method later.