Return the definition asked for. This can be listtables, table or dql. You can then name the one you want and add query parameters to valid to the type of request. You can also use url instead of the type and name parameter or just use the query part of the url for setting ?&jsonpretty=1&getrelations=1 etc.


Type of definition to get. Some works on their own and some requires the NAME parameter as well.

document Works to get definition from the current active document.
- what | can be menus and will then return active documents menus
listcommands List all commands supported in dql. Ex. for, list records etc
listdocuments A list of documents that are read from Application Objects
listdrives A list of disks and the type on your computer
listfiles List files and folders in your application
listfunctions List all function that can be called in dataease
listinternals Make a list with all tables, functions, commands, operators and documents
listoperators A list of all operators that can be used in DataEase
List relationships to a table
listtables A list of all tables
object Return definitions for objects in the current open document.
table Get a table definition for the named table

Each of this and how it works can be found in separate documents as well.