The global startup.conf file for DG3 have the following defined values:

defaultpanelwidth int The default width used for the form definition panel, the default value is 360
version float The version of the file format
language string iso language code used as default. Only 'en' supported
deployment dict settings for deployment server
bounds tuple The position of DG3 (top, left,bottom,right) when not maximized
windowstates list The state of the window, usually  just ['maximized',] or ['normal',]

deployed settings

deploymentservicestart bool True if the DG3DS service should start automatically else False
deploymentserviceport int The tcp port used by DG3DS
deploymentservicrootpath string The full path including the trailing \ that is where the Deployed application is stored on this computer.
rootpath string The path set to the deployment area where depoyed.conf is stored and all deployed solutions and web server config, caching and search engine indexes.