To get hold of the DG3 installation package, you will have to apply for a prerelease developer status on the DataEase web site. The easiest way to gain that is probably to be an DfW8 user and simply send a mail or chat with your current license number and ask to become a prerelease user of DG3 for your DfW8 projects. You will then get a private download link to the latest DG3 Developer software. 

Download the latest version of DG3 and simply run the installation. 

DG3 is a very sophisticated and advanced product consisting of several components that work together seamlessly. To take full advantage of the product, you need to understand a bit about the different parts of the product. If not ready for that or eager to get started, you can simply skip these steps and start directly on the first application that is Hello World!. If you are more like me, please read ahead. The next pages are how to do the configuration and settings needed before you can deploy an application to a real web server and a few words about the different parts of the DG3 web application framework as used in the prerelease version.