DG3 is simply the name of the third generation of technology  for the DataEase product range. All new products after DataEase for Windows 8.x (DfW8) will be based on this new framework. DfW8 shares data storage engine with DG3. This means that you can share data between a DG3 Application and a DfW8 application. The first products in the DG3 range is products for enabling DfW8 to do things not possible in earlier versions like a proper web interface, synchronize data and remote update of applications.

In this book however we use DG3 in the context of the first available product for creating web applications using DataEase technology, DG3 Alpha 0.X.X. This is a prerelease software with a rock solid data and web engine, but with a less than perfect user interface. The DG3 prerelease is a technology preview of what is available of technology in the full DG3 framework. It is not meant for the faint hearted and is only created to show of technology and not for being unfriendly. Still it is perfectly possibly for enthusiasts to create great web applications in the fraction of the time spent in other web frameworks.

Still not put off, please continue to installing DG3.