Download CRM

Super user in DG3 users is high/high, to use just copy the folder into you DG3App, open and rebuild application.

When we create the first version of the CRM application, we will do so on top of an existing application that comes together with DfW 8.1 as an example. So what we do is create a new application called CRM and tick of the create new repo in the new menu and give the user name and password high/high. This is to match the user and password in the demo app. Then we exit the DG3 app and copy the CRM application from DfW into the data catalog of the DG3 app. We do not have to do this, but if we want to use default data and do application development on dropbox, we are better of with this config. 

We can now open the application in DfW8.1 to configure the mail and to familiarize our self with the application we will build on top of.

So the CRM demo in DfW do:

  1. Mail send for each users defined with it's own config and mail signature
  2. Each user in the system has his own profile with name and address information in Users Extended
  3. It has an address database with an address view where you can select one or more addresses to create a document or label or call from skype og send an direct mail to the one recepient
  4. You can go into the address, where all documents, email and notes created on the addressee can be reached
  5. A Google map shows where to find the addressee
  6. Document types are email, letter and labels
  7. You can search for addresses
  8. You have Document base that lists document chronologically with newest on top
  9. You have a email form where you can create and send email with attachments
  10. You can create named and categorized templates that can be used when creating documents

So what we want to do is to create a new web application on top of the existing data, that can do some of the functions of the DfW application.

  1. In DG3 all activity on DfW is done using the configured user, so we can not assume that our users are configured in the DfW user database. We need to do the binding between data and users in the DG3 way using DG3 user model. 
  2. The address book. We create a page listing the addresses the web way where you can search for name and navigate next and previous 100 addressees.
  3. We can create and view address page that also list the Google map and the documents, emails and notes read only
  4. We can create an edit page to edit address and notes
  5. Select town form towns register as a dialog
  6. Show documents and emails in tabs as in DfW
  7. View end edit documents
  8. View document as own link in navigator
  9. List addresses based on town and load document list using ajax