To edit the address, we create a new page that we can use for adding and editing addressees. Do this by creating a editaddress page under the address folder. For this page we connect to the Companies table and add Initial action New Record. This makes it easy to use the same form as a new address form.

Page properties

We can set the element properties to HTML as usual and start adding fields. All of the field on this page will be mapped to fields in the table. Each field added will get a default name in lower case without any spaces.

The finished code

To accommodate the bootstrap fields we add a form-control to all field and a Tag tail with placeholder="what field". 

Example the customer name field

Saving the record

To be able to create or save the record, we add a button with an action of updateredirect and a button to delete the record. We style them with bootstrap button class="btn btn-primary". We use the livelive value to fetch the customer number from the hidden field giving the following redirect "/address/viewaddress/?CustomerNr=[[ customernr ]]". This is to be able to redirect to the right customer when a new customer is created. We also add a button with action deleterecordredirect with a danger color on the button (btn-danger).