The problem are usually:

  1. error page is showing instead of the page. 
  2. no page showing
  3. the wrong information is showing

This is usually a problem with generating the page, the internal web server has not restarted or two version of the web server has started simultaneously.

Page not found

If you see this message, then the problem is that DG3 not have picked up the change or you have to web servers running. All you need to do then is to rebuild the application or make sure only the right server is running.

No page is shown

If you see a blank page only, this probably means that the web server not is started or two server is started.

The wrong information is shown in the web browser

This problem can come from several sources. It can come from caching in the browser, web server, DG3 caching and multiple version of the internal web server.

How todo needed operations to fix problems

Rebuilding the page

You can refresh the page template and view by clicking the refresh button in the toolbar of the page designer. This will replace view code, update template and restart internal web server.

Rebuilding the application

Rebuilding the application takes all definitions and recreate all view files and templates for all pages. It also copy module files, snippet files, javascript files, update caching and search definitions. This is not done during a page refresh and can be the cause of pages not working right if you have done changes not picket up by the page status module or restarted DG3 after a change and before any preview.

Method 1 for rebuilding application

In Page browser in page design section, find Application at the bottom of the list, right click and select Rebuild application. You can see exactly what is done by the build process by using Show build application log. This one is stored until next time a full rebuild is done either by you or the system. Subsequent page updates are appended to the log.

Method 2 for rebuilding application

In the settings section you can perform a full rebuild from the rebuild all action bar icon.

Reducing running internal web servers to just one

Most of the time DG3 are doing a great job of keeping track on when to start, stop en reload the internal web server, but some times, you get multiple servers running on the same port. Then only the first of the internal web servers started will serve data. The rest of them are just sitting there doing nothing. 

The reasons for this might be:

  • You have started more than one instances of DG3 (this is allowed to do) with different applications, but all of then share the same port (8000 is the default for all new applications) for the internal web server. Then only the first application will be working.
  • DG3 have crashed and not killed the internal web server in the process. Then the original code is served and not the new generated one. The web server keeps all started code in memory to speed up things.
  • The internal web server has failed stopping the old process before starting a new. Then the old code is the one running due to the internal caching.

For what ever reason here is two methods to figure this out and fix it. The first thing you have to do for either method is to find out what port the server is using. This can be done by look at the URL generated in the preview browser or to check the port registered in application settings. The port number is the one after a colon (:8000). If there are no number or colon, the port is 80, the standard http port. Yes you can set up the internal web server to run on the standard port as long as it not is in use on you computer, but that will clash with the deployment server if you intent to test deployment on your own computer.

From preview browser
From app settings

From app settings

Method 1 for reducing the internal web server down to one

In DG3 deployment server settings section, you can find a convenient task manager that only shows tasks that looks like DG3 related tasks. To find it open the Webserver section and select the DG3 Task list tab. Here you will find all tasks for deployed web server, DG3 client application, internal web servers and deployed apps. The one you should look for is the ones with name python and Cmd Line containing runserver where 8000 is the application port number in use. See above for how to find yours. Find all of these, select, right click and Kill task.

Method 2 for reducing the internal web server down to one

This is the traditional windows way of doing it. It is not as easy as using the build in task manager, but if you for some reason do not have the rights to do it from withing DG3, you can always do it in the windows task manager.You can bring it up using Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task List. Here you have to browse for the python processes and look at each of them to determine which one it is or just kill them all since there for some reason not are any information about command line used to start the processes it can be hard to determine which process to kill. DG3 will restart whatever you need, but if you are running a deployed server on the computer, make sure that you manually stops the DG3 services before you try to figure out what to kill and then start them afterwards.