DEDSScripts are the package needed by DataEase to deploy applications to the server. 

Download the DEDSScript installer and install. It will install at C:\DEDSScripts.

Make sure to install a license to C:\ProgramData\DataEase\DEDSScripts. Without this you will not be able to do any install or dbdiff.

Scripts with parameters to use for server apps A script that create a new deserver definition and upload the application. This definition will be the owner of the DataEase application. A script that connect to existing application already defined and uploaded to the server and become part of that application. The serverdef and the static files will be owned by this application, but the rest of the application is owned by the one we connect to. The script is used to create a new application on the server by using a JSON file to tell what to create and upload. Check if a application with given name exists on the DEDS server. Update the application.

The command supported now. All will return a json formatted as a string for the caller to parse. result : "OK" if all went well. Other results can be Failed or denied.

Format of return that went well.