You can manipulate the window object in runtime by calling methods. This will be available for alll decining objects like DEB_Visual, DEB_CompositeWindow, DEB_ChildWindow,  DEB_BrowserWindow and DEB_MainWindow.

createwindow None
getusableheight None
getusablewidth None
newwindow None
setcaption None setcaption("a new caption to show") will change what is shown in the caption of the window if it is a window that has a caption.
show None show() will show the window
hide None hide() will hide the window
close None close() will close the window
setwidth(w) takes a int and set a new width of the window.
getwidth int
w = getwidth() returns the width of the window.
setheight None
getheight int
setxpos None
getxpos int
setypos None
getypos int
setpos None setpos(x,y) set the top corner of the window to the new position. The size is kept as it was.
setrect None setrect(left, top, right, bottom) set bot position ans size to the window.
sethasthinborder None sethasthinborder(bool) add or remove the thin border flag to the window.
sethasthikborder None
sethasdialogborder None
sethasdoubleborder None
sethassunkenedge None
sethasraisededge None
sethas3dborder None
sethascaption None
sethassysmenu None
sethasmaximizebox None
sethasminimizebox None
sethashscroll None
sethasvscroll None
setischild None
setismdichild None
setisoverlapped None
setispopup None
setisappwindow None
setistoolwindow None
setistopmostwindow None
setistransparent None
setisdisabled None
setisvisible None
setdoclipchildren None
setdoclipsiblings None
setisoverlappedwindow None
setispopupwindow None

The method list.