DEB_DataRemote gives you the opportunity to load elements using a specific JSON format. The definition can be found in a array of objects named data in the main.json file.

flags string/
Add a flagg to be used as a default when doing request. Can be a single string or a string array of values.
Can have values:
HTTPS | for setting the request to be sent over https
NO CACHE | will not send cached version from a proxy. Also add header for cache control
NO ESCAPE | URL is not escaped with %code for illegal characters
NO ESCAPE QUERY | query part of url not esacaped with %code for illegal characters
DO ESCAPE | all part of the url exept % will be converted to %code when a illegal char is encountered
string The name you can access the data source as from the gui.Default is data if no given.
password string
Password the server will use to access the remote data from the server
reponame string Name of repository opened by server
repopath string Path of repository opened by server
repopw string Password of repository opened by server
repoun string User name of repository opened by server
serverhide bool Hide gui of server when started
servername string Name server to use Ex. or
serverport string Name of repository opened by server
serverrestart bool
If server should restart if it stops. This also indicated that the server is managed from gui and will also be auto started when gui is started and stopped when gui is closed down.
serverurl string The url to be used to access the server. If not set, it will be create by combining servername and serverport
sessionid string Ad 32 char long string used to identify the session used to connect to the server. This will be sent as a desessionid to the server and used to identify the user. If not set, one will be given by the server on first connect or it can be set by methods by the user.
username string User name used for logging into server

The element that can be used