DEB_ChildWindow gives you the opportunity to load definition to a child window using a JSON format. The object are usually added to visualwindows in the main.json.

backgroundcolor array
Array of numbers of the format [red, green, blue]
Object with the format {"red": 0-255, "green" : 0-255, "blue" : 0-255}
String in the format "#aabbcc" where aa represents red in hex, bb is green in hex and cc is blue in hex. Value form 00-FF
rect array
Can be a array of numbers or a object with the keys: left, top, right and bottom. The array of number have the order [left, top, right, bottom]. Support negative numbers to place things from right or bottom. -1 on bottom means place from bottom. So to place a 40px element on the bottoms set top to -40 and bottom to -1. Same goes for right. -1 means to the left and to place something that is 200 wide from the right use left -200 and right -1
string must have the value child

The element that can be used