Set up a virtual host to use for loading files. This make us avoid the problems with loading from file and remote id. You can set up how much access you will give to objects loaded by this virtual host.


hostname string The simulated host to use. This is any name that do not confilct with internal url names in the object. Ex. global.assets that will give the url to use https://global.assets/myfile.html that will load the file named mufile.html from the folder set by the next paramter
hostpath string Path to serve as the host name given. Ex. "C:\\Program files (x86)\\2imply\\static" to serve static files from the program folder.
You can use %exepath% to get the path to where the exe file started from and %apppath% to expand to your application path where your main.json is stored.
access string One of these values: allow, deny and nocors where allow if default.

Example of how to use it