DEB_BrowserWindow gives you the opportunity to load definition to a browser window using a JSON format. The object are usually added to visualwindows in the main.json.

rect array
Can be a array of numbers or a object with the keys: left, top, right and bottom. The array of number have the order [left, top, right, bottom]. Support negative numbers to place things from right or bottom. -1 on bottom means place from bottom. So to place a 40px element on the bottoms set top to -40 and bottom to -1. Same goes for right. -1 means to the left and to place something that is 200 wide from the right use left -200 and right -1
startdebuggeroncreate bool Tell the browser to activate the debugger windows for the browser window on create
string must have the value browser
url string The url to load in the browser when it starts up. You can use full urls with file:/// htpp://, https:// or absolute file names or relative files names. The relative file name will be loaded from the app dir.
virtualhosts array Definition of virtual hosts by a array of objects. Each object can have the values of hostname, hostpath and access and supports the values set in SetVirtualHost method.

The element that can be used