Day one the basics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation of DG3
    1. How it looks
    2. What's in there
    3. How it is put together
    4. How it works
  3. Installation and setup of your own working environment
  4. How to build an application on top of an existing DataEase application
    1. Open the DataEase application side by side in DataEase and DG3
    2. Browse the table structure and view data
    3. Create views of data from the application in DG3
    4. Create global templates and menues
    5. Edit data in the application (CRUD)
    6. Users registration, authentication and sessions in DG3
    7. Web security
    8. Change tables and structures in both DG3 and in DataEase, how the interaction works
    9. Queries and database search in DG3 (url magics and fixed filters)
    10. DQLs and reports in DG3
    11. Sending mail
  5. Problem solving when things do not work as expected
  6. Q and A

Day two advanced topics:

  1. Free text search in DG3
    1. How the free text search in DG3 works
    2. How to add free text search for ordinary table data
    3. How to search memo fields
  2. Transfer and how to connect to external data in DG3
    1. How transfer works
    2. How import data from SQL servers or text files into DG3
    3. How to export data from DG3
    4. How to integrate with live web services on the Internet
  3. Schedules and Task
    1. How the scheduler works
    2. How to automate jobs as transfers and DQLs
  4. Caching module
    1. How caching woks
    2. When to use caching and what to avoid
  5. Deployment to live Internet servers and how to update the application
    1. How the deployment server works
    2. How to set up on you local computers
    3. The workflow of doing changes and redeploy
  6. Problem solving when things do not work as expected
  7. Q and A